We continue to see a large number of patients at the clinic. The staff is doing all they can to treat everyone who steps at our doors. In addition, we are seeing many patients coming from the refugee camp for treatment. Because of the demand, we are continually asking for prayers and financial support. 

At HKF, our story is defined by what we do daily: caring with compassion to all who walk through our door. We continue to be leaders in providing medical care to the rural population, especially those close to our facility. As the New Year begins, it is essential to not focus on material things but on the spiritual and health and well-being of everyone. In the next few months, HKF intends to continue building from where we are and focus more on the childrens hospital’s completion.

This year has been challenging for everyone. The economic downturn means fewer donations. Yet, we have been able to push through providing care to thousands of South Sudanese returning from exile. We have not lost hope, and our resilience is undoubtedly strong. We pray that you continue to support us during these tough times despite the economic challenges that have spread around the globe. As we look ahead to 2023, we are more optimistic that our facility will return to normal operations as it was prior to the 2016 civil unrest.

From everyone at the HKF, thank you for supporting us. We hope you have a wonderful year. We are committed to our mission and can’t wait for those who want to visit South Sudan to join us on our next mission trip.