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Providing sustainable health care to the people of South Sudan

Giving Tuesday
December 3, 2019.

Seven years ago what started as an idea to promote a gesture of goodwill by asking people to be generous and donate online to charitable organizations has now grown into a worldwide day of giving. The Healing Kadi Foundation celebrates eleven years of operations in South Sudan and Uganda. The rainy season in the refugee camps has just slowed down but with that comes the heat of the dry season where temperatures can be as high as 110 degrees. Malaria coupled with severe heat can be fatal within 24 hours. We are an organization that has brought healing to more than 150,000 refugees in South Sudan and Uganda. We know the suffering of the refugees because our staff, some of whom are refugees themselves, live within the camps and care for the patients 24 hours a day. We have saved thousands of children, men, and women from dying because of our generous donors. As great as this sounds, there comes a greater need still for supplies such as medicine and intravenous fluids. During this holiday season, we want to raise $50,000 to help treat 10,000 patients who will visit our clinic between December and March with severe dehydration and respiratory illnesses from dust storms.
$100 – Treats 20 patients with dehydration
$250 – Treats 50 patients with severe malaria
$500 – Treats 100 children with malaria and dehydration.
$1,000 – Treats 200 patients
Your support makes it all happen. Have a season filled with many blessings. Thanks for your help!

Refugee Health Care

South Sudanese refugees in need of help waiting for some type of hope for the future in the midst of such loss and adversities. Your pennies will bring help to so many.

Little children look for hope to see another day.

The Healing Kadi Foundation refugee clinic in Northern Uganda is providing medical and spiritual care to 150-200 refugees a day. Many of these people do not receive adequate treatment due to a lack of medical supplies.

Please donate towards medicines and supplies.

Every 3-6 months, our medical teams travel to Uganda to assist our doctors currently based in the refugee camps.

Most refugee families are looking for help

Every life created by God is precious. We bring hope, love and healing to the disparate; we have no boundaries.