After five years in the refugee camps, South Sudanese return home to empty villages. The homes they left behind have been either burnt or eaten by termites. Beyond having a shelter to sleep in, they have little to no medical services.

The Healing Kadi Foundation decided to return to South Sudan in 2021 to prepare for the possible return of the refugees. We served South Sudanese faithfully in the refugee camps from 2017 until 2021.

With relative peace, HKF returned to Kajo Keji to continue with its mission of providing sustainable care to the people of South Sudan. We have been upgrading our facility for several months and are happy to report that most of the repairs and additions have been completed.

A solar system has been installed as well as a backup generator. Our staff has started working full-time since September 1, 2022, providing a wide range of services to the patients that walk through the doors.

So far, they have served 398 patients in the last 3 weeks of September. The work is only beginning as we anticipate increasing numbers in the coming weeks.

Treating patients again at the clinic feels fantastic
Our team is happy to be back to serving the community 5 days per week

We are grateful for your prayers and financial support, for we could not do it alone.